1969 Camaro SS 396 RS - 375 Horsepower


Replacement block - Meticulous restoration
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  • Highly optioned restoration with replacement block 396 engine

  • 54,350 original miles

  • Believed rotisserie restoration

  • Engine rebuilt this year with less than 350 break-in miles only.

  • Vehicle identification number: 124379N598968

  • Engine code – old cylinder block – discarded: TO123KE

  • Replacement cylinder block has no numbers. It is from a 1969 Chevelle 396 – 375 horsepower.

  • 4-bolt Mains: 395S272

  • Factory aluminum heads – non-matching castings. Number: 3919842

  • Original carburetor: 3959164-4346

  • Original intake manifold: 3988163

  • Original distributor: 1111499 (Now has triggering device – no points)

  • Original water pump, power steering and alternator – rebuilt

  • Original power steering - rebuilt

  • Original Delco coil with new spark plug wires

  • M-22 transmission: P9A27C – Vin# 12379598968 with original factory Hurst shifter (very rare)

  • Rear end: BV-0501G2 – 12 bolt. 4:11 positraction unit. Also a 3.73 gear accompanies the car


  • Equipment of note:

  • Tilt wheel

  • Power steering

  • Power brakes

  • Rosewood tilt, steering wheel

  • AM/FM – 8 track

  • Deluxe interior

  • Factory Hurst Shifter

  • Power windows

  • New PPG windows

  • Speed control


  • Trim Tab Information (See decoding sheets)


  • ST 69                          1243 7                        NOR238456

  • TR 711                       711                             76B – PNT BDY

  • 02B                                                                 X22


  • Decoded information:


  • ST 69 = 1969

  • 1243 7 = Sport Coupe

  • NOR238456 = Built at the Norwood plant

  • TR 711 = Trim – Black standard bucket seats

  • 02B = Built February, second week

  • 76B = Yellow with black vinyl top

  • X22 = 396 with black rear panel



  • Engine specifications


  • 1.                  .060 over engine block = 406 cubic inches

  • 2.                  Cylinder block has been line honed, decked and balanced. Estimated 475 horsepower or more.

  • 3.                  Federal Mogul pistons – 11:1 with Moly rings

  • 4.                  Connecting rods have been sized and shot-peened. ARP rod bolts. Note dot on the connecting rods signifies that these are 375 horsepower motor only or 427.

  • 5.                  Steel crankshaft – original item and has been polished.

  • 6.                  ARP Cylinder head and crankshaft bolts

  • 7.                  Crane blueprinted camshaft to exact factory specifications. Flat tappet type. 520 lift and exhaust with 242 duration.

  • 8.                  Crane lifters, push rods, retainers and springs, all brand new.

  • 9.                  Aluminum cylinder heads completely rebuilt with stainless steel valves, Manley race valve job. Heads CC’d.

  • 10.             Crane roller timing chain.

  • 11.             Windage tray.


  • Drive train


  • 1.                  Complete clutch assembly with upgraded disc, balanced and rebuilt pressure plate that has been upgraded for 500 HP with new springs. New throw-out bearing and clutch arm to factory specifications.

  • 2.                  Transmission: M-22. Completely blue-printed. The unit has new synchros and slider. Note this transmission has the correct bottom drain plug and makes the pleasing “whinning sound” when operated.

  • 3.                  Drive shaft has been balanced.

  • 4.                  Rear end runs the correct 4:11 positraction set-up. All leaf springs and other suspension components have been restored, detailed and safety inspected.

  • 5.                  Brakes have been rebuilt and have new pads and linings.

  • 6.                  Custom header system exactly built for the car and ceramic coated. 2.5” pipes in original position with Flow Master brand mufflers. All brand new.


  • Interior and miscellaneous

  • Front end re-aligned and in perfect condition with new Edelbrock shock absorbers.
  • Interior is original and in immaculate condition.
  • All gauges operational.
  • Radio works.
  • All lights work.
  • Chrome trim is all original. Bumpers and spoiler are original.
  • Every portion of the car has been highly detailed and restored.
  • Original Sport wheels and original beauty rings with new replacement tires.
  • Rear sway bar
  • Springs are heavy duty as used in big block Camaros.
  • Spare tire on steel rim and correct trim in the trunk.
  • Replacement chambered exhaust system and manifolds to be included with the purchase.
  • Replaced carpet
  • Original headliner
  • Replacement, original style Delco battery.
  • Deep groove pulleys – mostly original.
  • Original gauge pack and center console
  • Original front air dam and fog lamps = SS Package
  • Restored original fuel tank.
  • Excellent vinyl top – perfect fit
  • All locks in excellent working condition.
  • Original horns but one needs rebuilding.
  • Windshield washer – all chrome in interior excellent
  • Correct tachometer and clock.
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    • These photographs demonstrate the engine during assembly and blue-printing. Sadly, the original cylinder block is not in existence. However, the replacement block is from a 1969 Chevelle


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