• 1981 DeTomaso GT5

  • 28,506 observed miles

  • Chassis number: THPNVG09182

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  • This Pantera is currently not registered in California. As constituted, it does not pass emissions testing. Therefore, this vehicle can only be sold to an out-of-state buyer for non-California use or for off-road purposes.

  • Sold!


  • Body

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  • Engine

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  • Interior

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  • Miscellaneous

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  • History
  • The GT5 model was introduced in 1980, and it featured much-revised "ground effects" bodywork, including a deep front air dam with integral driving lights, rocker panel extensions, flared wheel arches and a deck lid-mounted "delta" wing spoiler. The GT5 was augmented in 1985 with the introduction of the GT5-S. The GT5-S represented the first significant body redesign of the Pantera since its introduction, which included new, wider flared front and rear fenders, side air intake grilles and a further revised front fascia. The interior also received substantial upgrading including revised air conditioning and console layout, "gathered" leather upholstery on the seats and door panels, upgraded carpeting, and burlwood paneling on the doors, dashboard and console. The cars were now virtually hand-constructed, and over this 15-year time period, the car had truly made the transition from mass-produced exotic car to a true and quite exclusive luxury GT.
  • Specifications
  • This is a gray market Pantera. The GT5 is a car that is hardly ever seen in this day and age. We have always loved the shape of this car and especially the ride and handling. The GT5 was more of a hand-built car than the original Lincoln Mercury Pantera program cars. There are many subtle differences such as the square edges in the engine bay, the handsome Group IV wheels, deep spoiler and fender flares.
  • The paint on this car is average in condition. The car does have dings, scratches and imperfections as you would expect to find on a used car. The front spoiler has some cracks. A prior owner added louvers on the tops of the fenders which could be removed. We would like to see the next owner repaint the car and bring it up to a high standard.
  • The interior shows wear on the seating areas particularly the driver's seat. This can be easily repaired.
  • Pricing

  • Sold!
  • This Pantera is currently not registered in California. As constituted, it does not pass emissions testing. Therefore, this vehicle can only be sold to an out-of-state buyer for non-California use or for off-road purposes.
  • Sales price does not include DMV fees, documentary fees or sales taxes. Such fees will be added to the final sales price. Out of state residents who do not take delivery in California may not be subject to these charges.
  • This car is sold, "AS IS-WHERE IS". There is no warranty express or implied.
  • Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
  • We invite you to have an indepedent mechanic or appraiser inspect our cars.
  • If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. Some Panteras will not pass emissions tests of other states.

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December 4, 2009