1974 DeTomaso Pantera

Chassis number: THPNNK06523

Mileage: 60,735

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This car sold in December of 2006


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Receipts going back to 1988 - California car
Rebuilt engine
Headers and electronic ignition
Upgraded half shafts
Rebuilt transaxle
Above average paint and body
GT5 delta wing
17 inch aluminum wheels and Dunlop tires
Custom headers, aluminum manifold and Holley carb
Billet spreader bar
Painted ZF
Smoothed and filled engine bay
Comment: This Pantera leaves a strong impression on you both visually and emotionally. The color is what grabs you and the imposing wing. We believe this car is above average in condition and appearance. The body has some dings and dents which attests to the fact that this car is a great driver. The interior is in average condition. This is the type of Pantera that is a good choice for an enthusiast that wants something they can drive immediately and attend to upgrading or restoring later on or bit by bit.  We hope that you will consider this car if you are a first time buyer rather than purchasing a lower priced car that may need everything.
This Pantera sold in December of 2006
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