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Chassis number: THLCPN03001

Mileage: 70,000 Km

1978 DeTomaso Longchamp

GTS Bodywork applied by the factory.

Maserati "wrinkle-look" leather interior

Wood aplenty

Formerly owned and operated by Mrs. Alejandro DeTomaso

Prototipo for Series II Longchamps

Very rare - only 395 Coupes built


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Powered by a 351cubic inch Ford V8. 
Ford C6 automatic transmission and a Jaguar independent rear end with in-board disc brakes.
Plush and comfortable Maserati style wrinkle look leather interior.
PI Motorsports, Inc. aluminum shocks and special springs. 12-way adjustable.
Recent replacement of brake pads and tires.
Rebuilt front brake calipers.
Recent timing chain and water pump replacement.
Radiator has been re-cored.
Mallory Unilite ignition.
Edelbrock intake manifold with Holley carburetor.
Recent exhaust pipe and ANSA muffler replacement.
Upgraded air conditioner condensor.
Ford power steering pump.
Lavish use of burl wood.
Special switch gear.
MOMO steering wheel.
GTS body kit
8 and 10 inch Campagnolo wheels
Why own a DeTomaso Longchamp
Verified by the DeTomaso factory that this car was originally constructed for Mrs. Isabelle DeTomaso and served as the prototype for the second series Longchamps.
You are in exclusive company when you own one of these cars. Less than a dozen thought to be in the U.S.
Very comfortable for grand touring and the seating configuration allows you to take luggage and passengers.
Very fast top-end charge.
Reliable Ford engine with plenty of parts for the power-train.
Longchamps are undervalued automobiles and we believe eventually the price will escalate.
Designed by Tom Tjaarda, the designer of the Pantera with chassis design by Dallara.
Similar chassis to the Maserati Quattroporte - very solid.
Uses four shock absorbers in the rear.
Handles much better than you would expect.
All power conveniences such as A/C, automatic trans, power steering, power brakes and windows.
Upgraded sound system.
GTS body kit.
All electrical works other than the rear window defroster.
Makes all the zoomy sounds that a Pantera does with plenty of low end grunt.
The paint is shiny but does have a number of flaws.
Cracking in various locations in the paint and body.
Some runs in the paint.
Rust is showing in the bottom of the doors.
Engine detailing and exhaust manifolds could use some attention.
Prior front end damage has been repaired.
Who should buy this car?
This Longchamp can be driven as-is and restored in future years. We would like to see this car stripped to bare metal and refinished, perhaps in the original color, which was gold.
This car is perfect for the DeTomaso collector who has been trying to find a Longchamp in this country or the car could be exported to the European enthusiast or to other parts of the world. 
Recognizing the unique history of this car, this Longchamp is very desirable and the history is verified by the factory.
The car could be prepared as a daily driver. In essence, a Longchamp is like a big Mustang in many ways and would make a unique, head-turning driver.
Who should not buy this car?
An enthusiast expecting a show car. Although, this car would be very welcome at about any automotive gathering and will draw crowds as people try to figure out what it is.
This car is a good '20 footer. It has flaws, however, the price leaves plenty of room for improvements.
This note is from Dave Adler. I have owned a Longchamp since 1984 and have driven nearly 90,000 miles in it. My car had rust in it when I purchased it. I had a good body shop repair all rusted areas. The engine has been very dependable and I have driven the car on many trips and rallys. The car has won trophies at various shows in the past and even won a timed rally. It is surprisingly fast for its size. It would be easy to increase the power to 400 or more with a few modifications. Some owners have installed 5-speed manual transmissions. The comfort of the car is very pleasing and there is plenty of headroom. The backseat will not accept tall people comfortably. There is plenty of luggage space. I upgraded my car to a modern rotary A/C system. These cars really handle quite well. I added a set of PI Motorsports aluminum adjustable shocks and I think I could challenge many other modern sportscars without breaking a sweat. I personally believe that prices are on the low side for these cars because owners don't take them out and show their Longchamps enough to raise public awareness. When these cars were new, they cost around $60,000.00.
This car appeals to me greatly because it is rare that any family owned cars hit the market. I truly envy the owner for the wrinkle look interior and burl wood because my car has neither. If an interested party can tackle the paint and body issues this car has, they will end up with a very special, fast and capable grand touring DeTomaso.


$29,995.00 Sales price does not include DMV fees, documentary fees or sales taxes. Such fees will be added to the final sales price. Out of state residents who do not take delivery in California may not be subject to these charges.
This car is sold, "AS IS-WHERE IS". There is no warranty express or implied.
Make certain you carefully examine this car or have an expert look her over before making an offer. We will assist in any such inspection.
Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. 
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