1969 DeTomaso Mangusta


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Certain to appreciate and certain to be appreciated.


Chassis number: 8MA632


Mileage observed: 19,300



bullet Body

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bullet Engine

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bullet Interior

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bullet Specifications
bullet Unusually low mileage.
bullet Well maintained and very original appearing and complete.
bullet Upgraded A/C system
bullet Rebuilt engine with some mild performance parts.
bullet Paint has scratches, chips, dings and some minor dents. Some evidence of early stage rust in lower rockers. The paint is consistent with the age of the car. Those who desire a show-quality or near show-quality finish will want to take this car into the paint shop. The car is still respectable and rich with original patina.
bullet Non-stock components are the A/C system, air cleaner and mufflers.
bullet Interior is complete down to the switches but seats will benefit from stitching or re-trimming.
bullet Wheels have been powder-coated.
bullet Verdict: Mangustas are very hard to find in recent months, especially ones in this condition or higher. Often times Mangustas will suffer from missing parts, moderate to severe rust, incorrect modifications and/or over-restoring. This is a car that can be used and enjoyed right now. When winter comes or a slow period of use occurs, slip this car into the paint and body shop for a full strip and paint or a simple re-spray over corrected bodywork. Long-term, we expect Mangusta prices to escalate and escalate substantially. These rare cars are matchless in their design and with a few upgrades, can be made into real performers. If you have been in the market for a Mangusta recently, you should make your move for this rare example.


bullet SOLD.
bullet  Sales price does not include DMV fees, documentary fees or sales taxes. Such fees will be added to the final sales price. Out of state residents who do not take delivery in California may not be subject to these charges.
bullet This car is sold, "AS IS-WHERE IS". There is no warranty express or implied.
bullet Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
bullet If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. Some Panteras will not pass emissions tests of other states. 1974 and older Panteras are exempt from California emissions requirements.
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