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1970 DeTomaso Mangusta

Chassis number: 8MA918

Mileage: 66677

Ground-up restoration

Concours winner


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This is one of the most exciting Mangusta's we have ever had the pleasure of viewing and now, selling for its collector owner. We first saw this car after it was fully restored at the Concorso Italiano where it won the Pantera International DeTomaso best in class trophy.
6 page, color feature article about this car in Sports Car Illustrated April 2004 issue.
Cover car, Pantera International magazine.
Ground up restoration by Panteras by Wilkinson and other vendors. Cost was no object.
Jaw dropping, intense blood red paint job that is of the highest standard.
Great bodywork and panel alignment.
Probably one of the best quality interior restorations performed on a Mangusta.
Incredible detailing. Every nut and bolt is either new, plated, painted or polished. 
Rebuilt and slightly improved in performance, engine.
Must see to believe.
If you buy this car, please order one, king-size trophy case.
Not exactly a trailer queen, this car could be used as a very special street car.
Could not be duplicated for the asking price.
One of 400 cars built.
Sure to appreciate. Prices are already escalating and there is not a 1970 Mangusta like this one to be found anywhere and especially in this condition and the price.
Financing available.


SOLD! Sales price does not include DMV fees, documentary fees or sales taxes. Such fees will be added to the final sales price. Out of state residents who do not take delivery in California may not be subject to these charges.
This car is sold, "AS IS-WHERE IS". There is no warranty express or implied.
Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. Some Mangustas will not pass emissions tests of other states. 1974 and older automobiles are exempt from California emissions requirements.
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