• 1987 DeTomaso factory GT5-S

  • Mileage: 28001

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  • Not for sale. This is only for our archives.


best of the breed
best body style
best performance
best powertrain
best wheels
this is the pantera for the person who can  afford the best money can buy

  • Body



  • Engine



  • Interior


  • Miscellaneous



  • Specifications
  •   Whipple supercharged DOHC Ford engine
  •   Custom Group IV polished wheels
  •   Rich Maserati wrinkle-look leather interior
  •   Burlwood trim.
  •   Amazing paint and body
  •   Upgraded sound system with CD player
  •   One of the rarest of all DeTomaso models
  •   Full front spoiler, delta wing and custom mirrors
  •   Not legal  for California as presented - for export, off-road or racing only.
  •   Comment:  A debate rages amongst Panteraistas as to which Pantera is the  best of them all. Unless you have about $300-500,000 in your wallet, a factory Group IV is probably out of the question for nearly everybody. Besides, those cars really were meant more  for the racing circuits of Europe  than Main Street USA. We have never seen a legal Pantera Si in the U.S. and doubt that any of them are headed for our borders anytime soon.  A terrorist can sneak into this country easier  than a Pantera Si could. Fortunately, the EPA/DOT curtains parted long enough for a few factory GT5-S cars to legally enter the country. This is one of probably less than a dozen that made it to these shores. This is a real GT5-S factory Pantera, not  the AmeriSport version. Not satisfied with the  original Ford V8, the original owner of  this car took it to  Panteras by Wilkinson with a blank check. Built especially for the owner  was this 4.6 DOHC Ford engine with a  Whipple supercharger. We figure there are around 600+ angry horses  under  that rear  bonnet.  The custom-made billet aluminum  and steamroller size tires complete the package. You are not likely to find a car like  this  at any car shows soon. Priced slightly higher than a plain-jane GT5-S, this amazing car can be yours.

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July 10, 2008