1972 DeTomaso Pantera

Project car - candidate for either restoration or upgrade along the way.

Chassis number: THONMB02377

Mileage: 42,740


SOLD 6/30/2005

A great restoration candidate for those enthusiasts with mechanical and bodyworking capabilities.


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Older repaint and engine build-up by Hall Pantera. Aluminum manifold, Holley carburetor and headers are shown.
Very good condition interior.
Rare stock steering wheel with center pad
Campagnolo 7 and 8 inch magnesium wheels.
Overall appearance is average other than imperfections and rust as shown.


This is a project car, not a show car. By project, we mean that the car would benefit greatly from a full restoration. The ideal purchaser is a person with mechanical and bodyworking skills or connections to reasonably priced facilities. 
As a platform, this car is one of the better cars we have seen. As shown, it does have rust in the door jamb areas and also, around the windshield, which we describe as minor, but still in need or repair eventually. 
The engine sounds great and the car could be a very good driver when properly updated.
This California car was placed in storage and not driven since 1987 when our shop started the engine after taking special precautions.
Although the systems are present, due to the inactivity, the buyer should be prepared to restore the cooling, braking, belts, hoses, fluids and air conditioning systems. This maintenance is necessary and offers the buyer a chance to improve the car with the latest cooling updates and other options such as rotary-style air conditioning.
This car is not ideal for the enthusiast with limited knowledge, access to Pantera-friendly mechanics or limited funds. Purchasing a car that has a body in better condition and all the upgrades performed may be a better value.
Judging from the mileage, condition of the interior, engine and other aspects of the car, a full-restoration of this car would result in a superior Pantera to the new owner's tastes as well as a greatly enhanced market value. It is very satisfying to return a Pantera to original and concours condition. This can be done with this car, thanks to its overall condition, completeness and lack of modifications.
Please feel free to visit our showroom to personally inspect this car or to have your own mechanic evaluate it.


SOLD 6/30/2005 sales price does not include sales tax, DMV fees and documentary fees. Out of state residents who do not accept delivery in the State of California may not be subject to these fees. All cars are sold AS IS - WHERE IS without any warranty express or implied.
Check the emissions laws of your state as to the requirements for a vehicle of this type. We make no warranty as to whether or not this vehicle will pass any emissions laws
Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
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