• 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta

  • Chassis number:8MA642

  • Mileage: 29,000

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  • Sold!

Don't read any further if you are timid of some degree of rust. This is a terrific restoration platform and very complete and original. Can be driven now or launched on a full restoration.

  • Body

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  • Engine

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  • Interior

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  • Miscellaneous

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  • Description
  • This is a very original and complete Mangusta. It is low mileage and a reasonably good driver.
  • Sadly, this car has rust and it is shown in some of the pictures. The areas of concern are both sides of the car in the rocker panel area, quarter panels and the lower portions of the doors, both inside and out. These areas are repairable. We observed rust in the rear storage compartment on the driver's side and under the front hood. There is rust under the gas tank and some minor rust in the under-carriage.
  • The pluses of this car are the very original condition, very good interior, gauges and switches. The car runs very nicely and has had servicing recently, including a replacement carburetor and A/C service. The A/C actually works along with windows, horn and lights. 
  • A Mangusta is an automobile that is prone to rusting. This car is typical of an unrestored car that had water or moisture trapped in the body. It is repairable but it is not a repair for the back yard mechanic. Likewise, once having been repaired, this car is certain to be a great investment that had appreciated substantially in the last 12 months and is expected to finally begin soaring. 
  • There have been 3 recent Mangusta sales in the $70,000-$88,000.00  range. These were restored cars.
  • This car is a driver and can be put to use immediately. No, it is not ready to win a concours, not even the wash and wax class. However, this car is a winner in that there were only 401 of them made and will always draw attention, generally more attention than a Pantera.
  • We would like to see this car stripped to bare metal and fully restored to Concours standards or at the least, have the rust repaired to improve its cosmetic appearance. We can assist the new buyer with any of these services.
  • This car is not recommended for any enthusiast who has never restored a car or been exposed to a collector car that is rusty. 
  • This Mangusta is Sold

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