• 1974 DeTomaso Pantera

  • Chassis number:THPNND06855

  • Mileage: 32,570

  • Sold

Want to have a Pantera done your way?

Fresh out of the bodyshop from a full paint strip and repaint is this low mileage Pantera

The car is running but would benefit greatly from upgrading or further modification.

Our concept: GTS clone or Group 3 clone

  • Body

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  • Engine

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  • Interior

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  • Description
  • This 1974 Pantera is partially restored. It just got out of the body shop in late December. The car was stripped down and all of the dents and dings were repaired prior to painting. The result is very good. The car is painted in a blood red finish with PPG paint and contrasting black hoods. Our concept was to create a Group 3 replica. We did not put on fender flares but very well could if desired.
  • This car had been stored for a great deal of time. It formerly belonged to a Ford dealer. The engine runs very well and the car is drivable. However, all systems need updating such as the cooling system, A/C, brakes and any mechanicals that require it.
  • The dashboard is cracked and needs to be recovered, perhaps in leather. The interior needs trim work on the carpets and seats to improve on the current state of condition and to bring the car up to the level of the paint. We show the car with our PIM dash cover and floor mats. These items are included with the car.
  • The California 10 spoke 17 inch wheels and tires are brand new and are included with the car.
  • Suspension and brakes are stock. We would recommend modern adjustable aluminum shocks and our Group 5 brake system as a great upgrade.
  • The engine is very stock and can be tuned up, modified or replaced with our 540 horsepower plus Hammer at extra cost.
  • Some enthusiasts may prefer to simply bring this car back to its original presentation, while others would use this as a great platform to customize or "resto-mod" to their tastes. A racing application can also be considered at this point.
  • The most difficult challenge Pantera owners face is getting paint work and bodywork. It can cost $10,000.00 or more and result in your car sitting in a body shop for months or even years. Here, this car has that important step completed and the original Pantera itself was a great candidate for restoration, not suffering from advanced rust or collision damage.
  • This car is NOT for an enthusiast who is under the belief they can simply put it to full use upon purchase. This is a restoration project that requires time and money to finish. We can complete this car to your requirements and budget. Talk to us about this car if it interests you. We think it is a great Pantera for the money and considering what has been done so far.
  • This Pantera is sold

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